The Maison Poincaré: math in a new light !

By 2023, the Institut Henri Poincaré will evolve to share the taste for science and the pleasure of understanding. The Institut will open more seminar and conference spaces dedicated to research, as well as an exhibition and mediation floor dedicated to today's mathematics and open to all publics. This new building will be a real place of exchange and conviviality that will bring mathematics, the public and society closer together.

The Maison Poincaré: math in a new light !

The project in a few words

The importance of mathematics continues to grow. Today, 2.4 million jobs depend on it in France. The digital revolution and the development of the data economy should amplify this dynamic and reinforce the role of mathematics in all areas of society.

The Institut Henri Poincaré, a research institute of excellence in mathematics and theoretical physics, commonly known as the "House of Mathematics and Theoretical Physics", located on the Curie campus, will expand in 2023 to occupy the Jean Perrin building, located opposite.

Launched by Cédric Villani, 2010 Fields Medalist and former IHP's director, this development project is now carried by Sylvie Benzoni, current IHP's director. "Set in Jean Perrin's former laboratory, the Maison Poincaré will be a unique space of its kind, where scientists, middle school and high school students, teachers and all those curious about science will come together", confides Sylvie Benzoni. 



In concrete terms, the aim is to increase the surface area and reception conditions for researchers to international standards, to create a permanent and temporary exhibition space dedicated to mathematics and its interactions with other disciplines, and to develop links with the economic sector. 

Partner companies as well as the general public will be kept informed of the progress of this ambitious project and its key steps. Here below, discover the state of mind and philosophy of this new Maison des mathématiques through the film Maison des mathématiques, chapter 1, which takes you through a tour of the building before the rehabilitation with the aims explained by Jean Philippe Uzan and Cédric Villani, who both started the project. 
Chapter 2 will introduce the winning architectural project of the competition launched by Sorbonne University (former Pierre and Marie Curie University) by delegation of the contracting authority of the EPAURIF, which will house the Maison Poincaré in early 2023.




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