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Take a seat to support a math museum for everyone !

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To give everyone access to scientific and mathematical culture, take a seat !

Take a seat to support a math museum for everyone !

For an inclusive math museum : take a seat - braille translation - until december 31, 2022

The project in a few words


Take a seat to support a math museum for everyone !

Next summer, the Maison Poincaré (math museum) will open its doors to the public to offer a permanent exhibition on mathematics, its links with other disciplines, its presence in our daily lives, and its applications. This permanent exhibition will also put the spotlight on the men and women who have done and are doing mathematics today.

Schoolchildren, teachers, students, and the curious can discover this new space through guided tours with mediators, or on their own. Workshops, conferences, and other cultural activities will also be offered.

To allow as many people as possible to discover the Maison Poincaré, we propose to support the development of visits for specific audiences by taking a seat in the Jean Perrin Amphitheater (heritage space and integral part of the museum).



Contribute to the visit of all audiences to the Maison Poincaré



By choosing a donation amount among those indicated in the table below, you will be able to "name" a seat in the Jean Perrin amphitheater with your name or the name of one of your relatives. Your contributions will enable everyone to come and visit the math museum, without geographical distance, social background, or motor or sensory disabilities being an obstacle.

69 places have not yet been named (see table below).

The amount of the donation will vary according to the location of the seat in the amphitheater and the duration of the naming. 




Brass nameplates will be affixed to the edges of the amphitheater shelves, with a first name and a last name engraved on them.

It is possible to name several places. Each place will be named after a person or a group of people. 

You can also choose a donation level among those proposed and exclude the naming, or support this campaign with the amount of your choice.

Thank you in advance for your generosity!


US or Hong Kong residents ? 

You can participate to this campaign on the following pages and become eligible to tax-deductions : 


For further details and reach out:

Brigitte Zana, Executive Director of IHP Endowment Fund :

Cyrielle Valet, Fundraising and Communication Manager :


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